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UMR Systems Company is a leading provider of security solutions and shielding. The company deals with characterization, planning, deployment and operation of security systems control and communications. We provide to our clients the very best security measures.

The company was founded in 1996, and it operates in a variety of areas in Israel and throughout the world. The company carried out complex and diverse projects that required vast and profound knowledge in management and coordination among all the factors in the project.

The security solutions include:

  • Surveillance cameras.
  • Alert and monitoring systems.
  • Access control systems.
  • Surveillance systems for equipment and people in real-time (RFID).
  • Control systems and supervision centers.
  • Computers communication.
  • Patient-nurse call system.
  • Smart fencing system (perimeter protection).
  • Fire detection.
  • Consulting & planning.
  • Service and maintenance.

Command and control software:

UMR Company provides its customers with an integrated security management system.

The system allows control and monitoring of multiple sites, remote, some abroad.

The interface is active IT interface, user-friendly, allowing control over many separate systems: alarm, video, access control and advance, and shorten the response time to a minimum.


The company operates in the following market sectors: Banks, Industrial companies, Hi-Tech companies, Health systems and the privet sector.

Among the company's clients are:

  • The first international bank              
  • Massad bank                                 – Ord company
  • Bank otzar ha-hayal                       – Barkay company
  • U-bank                                           – Angola embassy
  • Poaley Agudat Israel bank             – Ariel estates and more.

UMR’s advanced security services cover all the needs of your organization including: Access control, supervision & surveillance for equipment and people, alarms collecting and real-time incident monitoring.

The company bases its products on the world's most advanced hardware and software.

The solution is tailored according to the unique requirements of the client – with a view to the future (i. e. forecast the system growth in case we will be required to in the future). That is, building a system to fit an upgrade according to long-term requirements and expected changes in the size of the organization and environment. We provide management, command and control systems that contribute to daily saving of effort and time, and managing sites from one control center. The command and control interface is an active IT interface, easy to operate and comfortable to the user, and it allows the operator in the control center, instantaneous control and monitoring capability over each site.

The company has defined customer service as the highest priority and invests many resources to provide quick and professional response based on professional service technicians, which are available to the client.

We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you regarding cooperation.

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